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Personalized Gift Shopping Service

Personalized Gift Shopping Service

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Have someone in mind that needs a gift for a special occasion, but having a rough time trying to find something?  Let The Parker Shoppes handle the your gift giving experience featuring products from our 7,000+ square foot store in Parker, CO

Our Gift Shopper is a special offering where one of our seasoned associates will find the perfect gift(s) for the perfect occasion for that difficult person.  Simply select from a number of choices to help us understand this person and occasion, and let us go to work and provide an exceptional gift or gifts.  We will provide one or more fantastic gifts in each package up to the selected budget amount.

What you are paying for is:

  • The time for our associate to find that perfect gift. ($10)
  • Your selected budget ($25 to $350)
  • Optional Gift Packaging ($10)
  • Optional Personalized Message ($5)

Personalized Gift Service from the comfort of your home!  Please note, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges.  We can ship the gift to you or directly to the recipient for even a more surprise or mystery!